The Good Karma Tarot

This is the most positive Tarot I've ever seen. Kindness flows from every card in this deck. Perhaps this is exactly what many of us need right now. 

The Good Karma Tarot Deck Review

This is the most positive Tarot I've ever seen. Kindness flows from every card in this deck. Perhaps this is exactly what many of us need right now. This is emotional support and an opportunity to believe in yourself. It is a simple thought that if you give good to others, then it comes back to you again.

The Good Karma Tarot is ideal for beginners who would like to start learning Tarot but are afraid of the archaic and gloomy classic images. This is a new, fresh, modern representation of the Tarot, but the structure of the deck is very close to the Rider-Waite system. The images on the cards correspond to the classic deck. But for some cards with a negative meaning, these images are clearly softened and presented more optimistically.

The Good Karma Tarot Deck Review

The cards resemble illustrations from children's books or from modern magazines (and this is not accidental). This style conveys the meaning of each card very clearly. Each image is a message, an affirmation that calls us to love the people around us, to become better, to find the strength to overcome difficulties, to improve our karma. This is the meaning of the law of karma: everything good and useful that we do for other people, all this improves our own life. Our love and care for people give us a sense of satisfaction, self-confidence, calmness, and happiness. It's a simple, obvious rule, but it works.

These cards can also be a great source of inspiration and advice in everyday matters. The images on the cards contain many creative motifs and inspire active activity.

The creator of The Good Karma Tarot deck is Kerry Ward. She has been studying and practicing Tarot for 25 years. Kerry is also well known as a columnist for Cosmopolitan, where she regularly publishes articles and reviews. She also hosts a weekly podcast about the paranormal.

And these cheerful cards were drawn by artist and illustrator Amy Blackwell. You can find her Instagram account @amyjpeg and enjoy the beautiful patterns she creates.

Let's take a closer look at some cards from the Good Karma Tarot deck:

Good Karma Tarot cards

Here is the Fool card – a young cheerful girl with a rose in her hand, walking briskly along the road. Her dog sits in the basket and does not try to warn the girl about anything. And there is nothing to warn her about because the road is smooth and no cliff or obstacle is expected.

Here is a Magician card a dark-skinned and also cheerful girl with pencils and brushes in her hands. The fact that she is a Magician, we clearly determined by the pattern on her clothes. But she is a Magician of Creativity.

The Good Karma Tarot review

The High Priestess is a sorceress and soothsayer with the kindest eyes. She doesn't ask you "Do you want to know the truth?" No, she says "Trust me, I'm your friend, I'll help you anyway!".

Here is the card Hierophant - this is the girl from whom the radiance comes. She is a leader and an authoritative teacher. She helps others, supports them, and gives wise advice.

The Lovers card is just lovers, but from Waite she inherited the symbols of apple and fire, the fruits of the tree of life and the tree of knowledge.

The Good Karma Tarot deck

I like the image on the Death card. This is the face of a red-haired girl split in half. Being and non-being. The transition from death to life. The merging and duality of these states.

The Moon card is beautiful, which includes symbols from Waite's card – water, cancer, dogs. At the same time, it is made very expressively, emotionally, and accurately conveys the meaning of the card.

As you noticed on the cards of the major arcana, male characters are replaced by female characters. I always have a negative attitude to such substitutions. I understand that the commercial market for the production of tarot cards is primarily for the female audience. And so it is supposedly easier for women to associate themselves with the image on the cards. But not on all the cards of the classical Tarot it is necessary and possible to associate oneself with this image. Tarot cards correspond to the basic archetypes and structure of our world, in which there are Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine principles. These two principles are opposed to each other and interact with each other. And to remove one of them is to break this structure, to distort the message that the Tarot cards give us. But, however, for this deck, such a replacement looks very harmonious, since women's images look more easy and positive. And thank you to the creators of the deck that they left men at least on the court cards.

So the overall impression of the deck is very warm and positive. The Good Karma Tarot is a beautiful deck that will help many beginners to join the world of Tarot. You can use it as a tool for analyzing your own life and as a motivating assistant when making decisions.

Photos: Amy Blackwell

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  1. JadeJune 16, 2024

    I‘m at a cross roads. I like RWS deck and like reversals. I really like modern witch tarot vs good karma tarot decks. I really like the fool from RWS deck bc it serves as a warning tho. If good karma doesn‘t have that then I need modern witch.

  2. P3tra reifJune 21, 2024

    I love the pictures of good karma but I can only read RWS tarot. Same with light seer tarot. Good card pictures but cannot relate (read). Hopes this helps

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