Cat Tarot Deck

Tarot and cats are a great combo!  These animals have always been associated with magic and sorcery. The Cat Tarot deck is a must-have for every cat lover interested in Tarot. This is a cute deck with beautiful graphics, full of love and humor.

Cat Tarot Deck Review

Tarot and cats are a great combo! These animals have always been associated with magic and sorcery. Since ancient times, cats have been considered sacred animals. They have intuition and healing energy.

For many centuries, cats have lived with people, but at the same time, they retain their independence. They give us joy and warmth but remain mysterious and magical. They see and feel things that people don't notice.

Communication with cats is like meditation. They can cure the disease and soothe our feelings. Like Tarot cards, cats are guides between the real world and the astral world. They help us to understand ourselves and harmonize our lives. And they're so cute!

Cat Tarot

And if you love cats, then you will definitely love the Cat Tarot deck. This deck is so kind and light. It is created by authors who know and love cats well. And this is felt in every card, in every image of these cute creatures. 

The deck authors could simply take the standard tarot cards and replace the human characters with cats. There are also such decks. But here everything is done in a more harmonious and original way.

The creators of the Cat Tarot deck depicted pets in their natural feline life. At the same time, they found images and moments that very accurately correspond to the symbolism of the Tarot.

All the features of these animals are skillfully used here: their color, breed, character, habits, daily activities, food, toys and other items. Each card creates a mood and tells a unique feline story.

Cat Tarot Deck Review

Major Arcana cards have similar images of the traditional Rider-Waite tarot.

  • I like the Magician card: it has a tabby cat in a graceful jump connecting the upper and lower worlds. There are also all the “magic” items: everything that he plays with and eats from. And of course the traditional infinity symbol. 
  • The High Priestess is a mysterious black cat wearing a witch's hat and two candles next to it.
  • And here is the lovely Empress on the scarlet pillow.
  • What a funny Hanged Man hanging upside down on a branch.
  • The Star is a curious Siamese cat, busy experimenting with a glass of water.
  • The Judgement card is filled with associations with sacred Egyptian cats.
  • Delightful Temperance card: a red cat tests his patience before temptation (a fish in an aquarium). The symbols of water and radiance around this ginger  "angel" are beautifully used here.
  • The Moon card is also full of classic attributes: both dogs and cancer are present.
  • The Strength Card: The cat that catches the mouse is a manifestation of the ancient instinct of the hunter.
  • And what a cute Hermit is a kitty hiding in a paper bag.

Cat Tarot Deck

The minor arcana cards are divided into classic suits, but here they use their own, feline symbols. The suit of Wands is entirely dedicated to cat toys - ribbons, fish, balls. The suit of Cups is water and drinking bowls. Swords – sharp claws and teeth of pets. And the Pentacles are food in all its forms.

I would especially like to note the style of the drawings of Cat Tarot. These are beautiful watercolor illustrations by artist Megan Lynn Kott. She works as a professional designer and illustrator and has been drawing watercolour portraits of cats and other pets for many years. She is madly in love with cats, and at home she has three mischievous pets.

Art by Megan Lynn Kott

Arts by @meganlynnkott

The text with the description of the deck and the meaning of each card was written by Julia Smillie. She is a well-known writer and editor. And she also has two crazy and beloved cats.

Of course, the Cat Tarot deck is a must-have for every cat lover interested in Tarot. And also every adherent of the feline religion should have it.

But even if you do not have these wonderful pets, this beautiful deck will still decorate your tarot collection. This is a cute deck with beautiful graphics, full of love, humor and cat magic.

Cat Tarot is now available on Amazon and fine tarot stores everywhere. 

And you may also be interested in the list of my favorite best tarot decks.


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