Best Lenormand Decks

Lenormand cards are simple and clear, and this is their great advantage. But they are also a great tool for analyzing our lives and making the right decisions.

Which Lenormand oracle deck to buy in 2022?

I present to you my subjective list of the Best Lenormand Decks. If you're just getting started with these cards, then this review will help you choose your first deck. And if you are looking for something new, then perhaps you will find decks here that you like and they will add to your collection.

Lenormand cards occupy a special place among card oracles. This is a unique deck that appeared in the middle of the XIX century. There are many legends and interesting facts about the origin of these cards. Mademoiselle Lenormand was a famous Parisian fortune teller and soothsayer. She was acquainted with many French aristocrats and even with Napoleon. Most likely, she herself used ordinary playing cards or Etteilla's Tarot deck for divination.

Mlle Lenormand Cards

Mademoiselle Lenormand died in 1843, and a deck bearing her name was issued after her death. The prototype for this deck was the "Game of Hope" published in 1800 in Germany, consisting of 36 cards. It was in it that the symbols that are present in all Lenormand decks today appeared. And around 1850, the "Petit Lenormand" was released in France. Enterprising publishers used the name of a famous fortune-teller to better publicize this oracle. 

Since then, Lenormand cards have been reprinted and redrawn numerous times by various artists. There are several excellent classic editions of this deck. And in recent years, many authors and illustrators have created their own versions of Lenormand cards.

I want to share with you my selection of the best Lenormand decks. I really love this direction of oracle cards. My criteria for the "Best Lenormand Deck 2022" are: following the traditions, simplicity and clarity of images, and an interesting artistic style. I hope you like my choice.

French Cartomancy Lenormand

French Cartomancy Lenormand

I think this deck is the most beautiful and best of the classic Lenormand decks. I compared it to other popular editions with vintage card designs: Blue Owl, Red Owl, Blue Bird, Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy Deck. 
And it is this deck that most harmoniously conveys the vintage style of Mademoiselle Lenormand's cards without unnecessary embellishments and graphic excesses.
Here, the cards depict the very images that Rana George uses in her book. Rana got this deck when she was still a child. And these cards have been with her for thirty years. Rana George has written one of the most fascinating books about Lenormand cards in case you don't know. You can find this book on Amazon here.
This is a simple and elegant deck.  There is nothing superfluous here, only classic images. But they are very accurate and clear. Each image on the cards looks like a beautiful painting. The vintage color scheme gives the impression that you are communicating with a really old deck. This edition is based on fortune-telling cards released in Germany by the publishing house of Bernard Dondorf since 1873.
This deck is perfect for beginners. In my opinion, this is really the best traditional Lenormand deck.
The Game of Hope, The Primal Lenormand

The Game of Hope, The Primal Lenormand

These are unique cards because it was with them that all the oracles, which we now call Lenormand decks, began. The deck was published in 1799 and was intended primarily not for fortune-telling, but for table games with dices. Expanding the cards on the table, it was possible to get a semblance of the playing field on which players move counters. Once on a certain card, you could move forward or backward, or skip a move. The rules of this game are given in the booklet that comes with the deck. The cards also depict ordinary playing cards, which allowed playing bridge and other card games of the time. 
This deck can also be easily used for divination, as it fully corresponds to the structure and symbolism of traditional Lenormand decks.
The deck is beautifully crafted and reproduces old cards realistically. The original of this deck is now in the British Museum. 
Mystical Lenormand

Mystical Lenormand

The Mystical Lenormand is a wonderful mix of beautiful images and styles. The delightful drawings on the cards are similar to the traditional Lenormand cards but contain many small details and symbols, including astrological ones.
The deck was created in collaboration with the famous medium Regula Elizabeth Fiechter and the artist Urban Trosch.
The special uniqueness of this deck is added by the drawing technique, which was used by medieval artists. This is a drawing in egg tempera on wooden boards covered with chalk. That is why these cards look so unusual and picturesque.
Pixie's Astounding Lenormand

Pixie's Astounding Lenormand

You are probably familiar with the famous Tarot deck of Rider-Waite, the images of which were drawn by Pamela Colman Smith, who was also called Pixie. And if you like its visual style, then this deck will definitely delight you. It was created by the artist Edmund Zebrowski, who combined the images of Lenormand with the style of the classic Tarot.
All the main elements and symbols of this deck are taken from the RWS tarot deck, or from other drawings by Pamela Colman Smith.
The cards are drawn very stylishly and neatly, they are very cute and lovely. It's as if they were really created by Pixie herself. It is very interesting to look at them and find elements familiar to us from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.
The cards are small in size (which is typical for Lenormand cards) and are sold in a delicious tin box.
Under Roses Lenormand

Under Roses Lenormand

This is a popular modern deck drawn in a vintage Victorian style. It is close to the Lenormand tradition, but there are several differences in the names of the cards. There are additional Lady, Gentleman, and Child cards for people of different skin colors.
The deck is perfect for beginners since the background of each card has faintly distinguishable keywords that explain the divination meaning. This makes the cards easier to understand without spoiling their appearance.
The card design is very stylish and elegant. There are a lot of vignettes, sepia, and spots imitating antiquity used here. The characters are dressed in historical costumes, but they look quite modern. The image of a red rose, which is often found on cards, symbolizes mysteries and secrets. And the cards perfectly convey this mood of mystery. 
Dreaming Way Lenormand

Dreaming Way Lenormand

These delightful Lenormand cards are drawn by the Korean artist Kwon Shina, whose drawings may be known to you from the beautiful Dreaming Way Tarot.
This is a light and modern deck and each card in it is a bright colorful image. Here there are quite bold and unusual interpretations of the classic Lenormand cards. But they are filled with serious meaning, psychology, and interesting associations. 
Also very important is the role of Lynn Araujo, who wrote very capacious and informative interpretations for each card. 
This deck looks like pictorial postcards set, they are very positive and inspiring.
Celtic Lenormand

Celtic Lenormand

Mixing Lenormand symbolism with Celtic mythology is a bold move, but this deck does it all wonderfully. And this is not accidental, because the artist of the deck is the famous Will Worthington, known to many for the Wildwood Tarot deck.
The deck is very bright and picturesque. Will Worthington's drawings are amazing. 
There are 9 additional cards in the deck: the Wood, Snake, Man, Woman, and Child card variants, and even three different Bird card variants. And there is also a Cat card in addition to the Dog.
The book included with the deck is written by Chloe McCracken. It is very detailed and contains 187 pages. The book reveals the connection with the symbolism, pagan beliefs and calendar cycles of the Celts. This deck can be used for fortune telling, as well as for meditation and spiritual development.

The cards in the Lenormand deck do not look like Tarot cards at all, although the names of some cards are the same (The Tower, The Moon, The Sun). But these cards have completely different interpretations. Lenormand cards have a different deck structure, a different number of cards, and different card reading methods. But the main difference is in the volume and level of information that these decks contain.

Each Tarot card is a set of symbols and meanings, and each card tells us about the global events of our spiritual and physical life. And in the Lenormand deck, each card is a separate sign, a simple symbol, from which we can make up more complex phrases. Therefore, fortune-telling on Lenormand cards is more suitable for getting answers to the questions of our daily life. Lenormand cards are simple and clear, and this is their great advantage. But they are also a great tool for analyzing our lives and making decisions.

Perhaps you will like some of the Best Lenormand Decks I have selected and will add to your card collection. Or this list will help you make the right choice for a beginner who is just getting acquainted with this fascinating topic.

To be continued...

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