Tarot of Curious Creatures

This deck is an unusual combination of wisdom and humor, pop art, and a magical bestiary. Each card is a vivid psychological portrait that clearly conveys the essence of the human archetype.

Tarot of Curious Creatures Deck Review

Everyone is looking forward to this tarot deck. And that's because its author is Chris-Anne Donnelly, who created my beloved and super popular The Light Seer’s Tarot, as well as Muse Tarot and several other successful oracle decks.

Tarot of Curious Creatures intrigued me. There is something related to mythology and mythical creatures here. These cards are associated in my mind with the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch or with the Egyptian gods - half animals, half people. In Celtic and other mythologies, there were also divine animals. Animals are quite often seen on modern Tarot decks. There are famous decks: Animal Totem, Wild Unknown, Cats Tarot, Crow Tarot, and many others.

However, here we see not ordinary animals, but really images of fantastic, amazing and curious creatures.

Tarot of Curious Creatures

And these creatures look very bold and modern. The style of the cards resembles surrealist collages and works by avant-garde artists.  I would even say that they are more people than animals. Animalistic images make it possible to more vividly reveal the character of each personage.

Each card is a vivid psychological portrait that clearly conveys the essence of the human archetype.

These cards represent a truly modern look at the traditional Tarot. But this look is not limited to everyday items and trendy things of the moment. This is an appeal to psychology, the inner world and intuition of a modern person.

I really like that there is a lot of humor in the Tarot of Curious Creatures deck and it is very friendly and positive. But for all its unusual nature, this deck remains close to the traditional Tarot. Therefore, it can be used by both beginners and readers who are well familiar with the Rider-Waite deck.

Tarot of Curious Creatures review

Tarot of Curious Creatures is an unusual combination of wisdom and humor, pop art, and a magical bestiary. Just look at this cute hierophant lama with keys around her neck, who sits on a vintage radio. Or this lioness in almost leopard tights from the Wheel of Fortune card. Here is the Hermit - a girl in an airy dress with a rhinoceros head and a lantern in her hand. And the image from the Fool card is a charming purposeful goat with a backpack on her shoulders.

And of course, in the book that complements the deck, you will find many wise and touching messages, and capacious descriptions that reveal the meaning of each card.

Tarot of Curious Creatures images

It should be noted that for all the tarot and oracle decks that Chris-Anne created, an important component was not only the graphic images on the cards, but also the carefully worked out texts. 

Chris-Anne is not only an artist and creator of Tarot decks. She founded Pixelbrand, a graphic design and branding company. She also runs creative courses in which she teaches how to combine marketing, creative thinking, and intuition.

Tarot of Curious Creatures to buy

The Tarot of Curious Creatures is scheduled for release in September 2021.  The deck is published by Hay House. It will contain the standard 78 cards plus one additional card.

The deck is really unusual and quite strange. But it is so bright and memorable that I am sure it will be very popular and beloved not only by Chris-Anne fans but also by all Tarot lovers.

Images: Chris-Anne @pixiecurio

My impressions of this deck are still based on preliminary publications.

Until then, take a look at my selection of the best tarot decks.

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